A practical guide to split monolith application to microservices

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Whenever you, as a developer, have…

List of lesser-known facts about python, you should know

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I first used Python for my Machine Learning project 4 years back and since then I have fallen in love with its easy syntax and wide applications. Over these years, it has became my go-to language for any MVP or small projects. With emergence of python 3, it is gaining reputation as one of the most popular language for competitive programming after C++ and Java. Here are few features that make python stand out from other languages:

  1. Dynamically Typed : You don’t need to mention the data type and size on each variables beforehand. This single feature give developers power…

How to make progressive choices

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Everyone have played some kind of sport or game in childhood. Though, it’s well proven that physical sports enrich us with qualities like team work and health, there are very less advantages that are known in favor of playing non-field or board games. I remember how hard it was to convince my parents and friends to play chess for half an hour. 4 years playing chess casually, I realized it’s more than just a game. So here are 6 things that I learnt by playing chess.

1. Don’t be impulsive, take a pause and then move

In our fast paced life, we often end up taking impulsive decisions, not thinking…

View of Manali city from peak of a mountain, picture by Nitesh Verma

It’d been 4 months since my last Himalayan trek to Kareri lake and thrilled by nature views and peace I got, I decided to do yet another trek to utilize and celebrate independence day. So I started talking about it in office and ganged up with one colleague who’s equally trek enthusiast. After some googling and 4 cups of coffee, we had two options in front of us : Valley of Flowers(VOF) and Bhrigu lake. While VOF is situated in Uttarakhand it’s a long 6 day trek from Haridwar and given the number of holidays we had, we decided to…

Now a days, it’s hard to make a living as a software engineer without having heard of the term “microservice architecture”. All big giants like Google, Facebook, Uber etc use microservices in favor of monolith codebase for underlying advantages like freedom of using different tech stacks, scaling the applications independently and decoupled deployment (hence less chance of bad deployment bringing the whole system down).

Microservice communication

Breaking down the large codebase into microservices comes with a challenge of communication and data security between the services. …

Few months back, a friend of mine asked me to like one of her facebook post on feminism to which I refused. Why ?

I read that post 4 times and trust me, not even a single word make sense to me. I find it crap and bullshit !! Why ??

For me, the word “feminism” doesn’t exists, instead there exists a word called “humanism”. The time you introducing a words to represent “females”, you are contradicting it itself.

So what’s humanism ? How is it bigger than feminism?

One fine evening, I went out with a friend for dinner, where unfortunately, my card didn’t work and she had to…

Introduction to technologies for lean startup

Are you starting your technology centric startup with little or no investment?Are you not tech-savvy? Are you confused with technology stacks around; not sure where to begin with? If, answer to any of these questions is a “yes”, then below is the guide of lean startup principles to imbibe. A lean start up is mostly in experimentation stage and the product of such startup is generally called a ‘Minimum Viable Product (MVP)’, which serves the purpose of build-measure-learn loop.

Since a lean startup needs to build and learn quickly, the development cycle would be small and the changes would be…

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